Every installation is unique so we are able to offer a range of different accessories to compliment your turnstiles.

Floor Protector

The floor protector system is designed to support the turnstile without the need for drilling fixing bolts in to the floor or running a conduit under the floor between the turnstile columns for cables.

It is ideal for applications where the floor restricts drilling and cabling installation because of the flooring materials used (such as marble, tile, granite, etc).

Additionally the system is suited to temporary installations such as Hiring or sites where the tenants of a building do not want to affect the infrastructure of the building.

Card Collection & Retrieval

Issuing temporary cards can become expensive when they are not returns so we can offer either a freestanding card collector or an integrated solutions built into the turnstile top. Typically used to collect visitor proximity cards at the exit side of a lane whilst egress is authorised.

Glass Infill

We offer a range of glass infill to suit you. Rather than fixing the glass to chrome balustrades we think the floor mounted trough offers both a stylish finish with an elegant minimalist look.

Push Button Control

All our turnstiles come with a standard multi-function push button console which link to each individual unit. We are able to offer bespoke push button consoles for multi-lane applications all designed to your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.