Swing Gates

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Showing all 7 results

  • Swing Gates UKT - 50

    Swing Gates UK Turnstiles Access Control UKT-50
  • Swing Gates UKT - 51

    Swing Gates UK Turnstiles Access Control UKT-51
  • Swing Gates UKT - 52

    Swing Gate Turnstiles Access Control UKT-52
  • Swing Gates UKT - 53

    UK Turnstiles Swing Gates UKT-53
  • Swing Gates UKT - 54

    UK Turnstiles Swing Gate UKT-55
  • Swing Gates UKT - 55

    UK Turnstiles Swing Gates UKT-55
  • Swing Gates UKT - 56

    The UKT – 56 is a motorised glass access gate that is commonly used alongside our full range of turnstiles. Its modern appearance and ergonomic design make it possible to fit the unit in any office reception lobby, gym or school environment. It is ideal for any place whenever there is a need to ensure an even distribution of people in a controlled manner.

    This access gate provides ample access with its different glass panel sizes and is ideal for disable users in wheelchairs or mobile scooters. The stainless steel housing provides a high quality durable aesthetic look along with the highly visible LED indicators located on the main column which help to guide users.

    • Electric motor driven
    • Polished stainless steel column
    • Different size glass wing panels
    • LED indication lighting
    • Free passage on power failure
    • Automatic “Emergency exit” function
    • Push button remote control panel included
    • Card Reader / Card Collector (Optional)
    • Compatible with all types of electronic access control systems