Card Collector UKT-81

What is Fail Safe Or Fail Secure

Number of cards



Power voltage

Temperature range


An entrance checkpoint is the first thing one sees entering a building. This is what provides a first impression of the company. The card collector Quick Line K-02 is a modern solution to help you impress your visitors at the entrance checkpoint at a glance. Its high-quality elegant design combined with a broad range of various features makes the product ideal for your entrance checkpoint.

The size enables any additional equipment to be incorporated into the body. The card collector with a built-in reader perfectly fits with Quick Line turnstiles and can be integrated with any access control system.

Key Product Features:

  • Housing made of polished stainless steel
  • Bright display
  • LED lights
  • Concealed installation of readers
  • Concealed mounting to the floor
  • Built-in card collector for 150 cards


Description Value Measurement unit
Dimensions 1137*150*130 mm (HxWxD)
Temperature range:
– operation
– transportation and storage
Atmosphere relative humidity 80 %
Capacious card container >150 pcs
Lifetime 8 years
Power voltage:
– nominal
– working
* – It depends on the length of the leaf
** – values are at a nominal supply voltage


Denomination Quantity
Card collector Quick Line 81 1
Keys to the locks of the card collector container (if available) 4
Approval sheet 1
Installation guidelines 1
Datasheet 1
Installation guidelines and Operational manual 1
Maintenanse operations 1
* – available as an option


Drawing UKT-80


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