Full Height Turnstile UKT-36B

What is Fail Safe Or Fail Secure


The UKT-36B is a twin full canopy full height turnstile that can goes preassembled. This allow for a
rapid installation time on to a level base. Our units only come in a 120° (three rota) position
configuration. This wider design allows users to enter carrying small items like back packs while
still providing secure access.

LED lighting can be fitted in to the underside of the canopy directly above the walkways to provide
illumination. An active passage width of 585mm makes this product suitable for a wide range of
environments where single or multiple lane access is required.

In the event of a fire alarm the units can be configured to free rotate.

Key Product Features:

  • Mechanical (non-powered assisted) or motorised operation
  • 120° rota position (3 rotas)
  • Single or bi-directional passage
  • Powder coated housing & rotas
  • LED authorisation indicator
  • Passage width 600mm
  • Fail safe on power failure (see website for details)
  • Compatible with all types of electronic access control systems


Description Value Unit of Measurement
Dimensions 2226 x 2290 x 1733 mm (HxWxD)
Weight* 400 Kg
Temperature Range -40 ~ +50 °C
Relative Humidity 95 %
Passage Width 585 mm
Throughput 2×30 Persons / min
Electrical Input 230 V
Maximum Current During Operation 6 Amps


Denomination Model Image
UKT-35A – Slimline Unit
UKT-36A – Twin Slimline
Pedestrian / DDA access gate
* – available as an option



Drawing UKT-36B  

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