Speedgate UKT - 26

What is Fail Safe Or Fail Secure

Fail Safe

Fail safe means that in the event of power failure, the turnstile/gate internal locking mechanism will unlock and the unit will be able to opened manually.

Fail safe will occur if the mains power fails or if the low voltage power supply fails.

Fail Secure

Fail secure means that in the event of power failure, the turnstile/gate internal locking mechanism will remain locked and the unit will not be able to opened manually.

Note: Some models do have manual release mechanisms that can be activated from within the unit itself in the event of power failure.

Fail secure will occur if the mains power fails or if the low voltage power supply fails.

To enable a fail secure turnstile/gate to be operated as a fail safe unit, UKT are able to supply a monitored power supply for each side of the unit which features a battery backup.

In the event of power failure, the battery back-up will ensure that the unit fails safe. This does rely on the monitored power supply and battery back-up being fully operational.

This additional equipment is optional and is provided at a supplementary cost.

230V & Low Voltage Power

Each turnstile is provided with a 12VDC 5amp low voltage power supply which will require connection to a 230V fused spur.

Fire Alarm Integration

Most of our turnstiles/gates feature fire alarm integration.

When the fire alarm is activated, the turnstile will unlock (this applies to fail secure and fail safe models).

To enable fire integration, a dedicated Fire Interface Board (FIB) unit is wired directly into each fire input on the control board of each unit.

Electromechanical turnstile

Emergency Release
Fail Secure


Power voltage

Throughput rate, 30/min

Temperature range (-10 / +60)


The UKT-26 Speedgate model is a compact, modern, intelligent turnstile solution.

With multiple features including and embedded processor, high quality brushless servo motor and 10-pairs of IR safety beams, this unit can be installed in multiple environments such as offices, gyms, schools, colleges, factories and residential settings.

LED indicators provide visual assistance for users while the durable, lightweight acrylic barrier leaf’s enable ultra-fast passage with pass rates up to 60 people per minute This turnstile can integrate with a wide range of access control devices.

Smart features enable the turnstile to be placed in to multi-mode; where multiple users can badge in or out while the barrier leaf’s stay open and count the correct number of passages or high security mode where users are required to badge in and out one at a time. It can also provide an audible alarm to warn if forced or unauthorised entry or exit and it can be integrated with the onsite fire alarm system to provide seamless free exit in an emergency.

Key Product Features:

  • Compact design
  • LED indicators & Audible alarm
  • Ultra-fast leaf speed (8 speed settings)
  • Strong, lightweight Acrylic barrier leaf’s
  • 600mm or 900mm width options
  • Fail secure on power failure (see website for details)
  • Compatible with all types of electronic access control systems
  • Floor mounting plate available


Description Value Measurement unit
Dimensions – one side only (flap open) 1000x1500x201 mm (HxWxD)
Dimensions – one side only (660mm)
Dimensions – one side only (900mm)
mm (HxWxD)
mm (HxWxD)
Weight (660/900) 128/140 Kg
Temperature Range -10 ~ +60 °C
Relative Humidity Up to 93 %
Throughput 30 Persons / min
Power Supply 12 V
Maximum Current During Operation 10 Amps
Maximum Current in Standby Mode 0.7 Amps


Denomination Model Image

Single Pedestal 600mm Width Left


Single Pedestal 600mm Width Middle


Single Pedestal 600mm Width Right


Single Pedestal 900mm Width Left


Single Pedestal 900mm Width Middle


Single Pedestal 900mm Width Right


Single Pedestal 600mm & 900mm Width Middle

* – available as an option



Drawing UKT-26  


Coloring barriers (wide range of colors) as an option painted elements of the turnstile

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