Speedgate UKT-27

What is Fail Safe Or Fail Secure


The UKT-27 Speedgate model is a compact, modern, intelligent turnstile solution that can be used
externally under cover. With multiple features including an embedded processor and high-quality
brushless servo motor.

LED indicators provide visual assistance for users while the strong, lightweight stainless steel and
acrylic barrier wing enable ultra-fast passage with a pass rate up to 60 people per minute. This
turnstile can be integrated with a wide range of access control devices.

Smart features enable the turnstile to be placed in to multi-mode; where multiple users can badge
in or out while the barrier leaf’s stay open and count the correct number of passages or high
security mode where users are required to badge in and out; one at a time. It can also provide an
audible alarm to warn of forced or unauthorised entry or exit and it can be integrated with the
onsite fire alarm system to provide seamless free exit in an emergency.

Key Product Features:

  • LED indicators
  • Stainless steel & acrylic wing
  • Eight standard alarm settings
  • 20 pairs of IR light curtain and 10 pairs of IR detectors
  • Mechanical anti-pinch and IR anti-pinch; anti-collision
  • Fail secure on power failure (see website for details)
  • Floor mounting plate available
  • Compatible with all types of electronic access control systems
  • Suitable for external use IPX4 (resistant to water splashes from any direction)


Description Value Measurement unit
Dimensions – Flap open
Dimensions – Flap closed (600mm)
mm (HxWxD)
Weight (single/double) 127/137 Kg
Temperature Range -30 ~ +70 °C
IP Rating IPX4 Ingress Protection Code
Throughput (access control dependent) Up to 60 Persons / min
Power Supply Input 230 V
Maximum Current During Operation 130 W
Maximum Current in Standby Mode 20 W


Denomination Model Image
Standard barrier leaf
Interlane (twin leaves)
One facial reader option
Two facial reader option
* – available as an option



Drawing UKT-26  

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