Swing Gates UKT - 56

What is Fail Safe Or Fail Secure

Fail Safe

Fail safe means that in the event of power failure, the turnstile/gate internal locking mechanism will unlock and the unit will be able to opened manually.

Fail safe will occur if the mains power fails or if the low voltage power supply fails.

230V & Low Voltage Power

Each turnstile is provided with a 12VDC 5amp low voltage power supply which will require connection to a 230V fused spur.

Fire Alarm Integration

Most of our turnstiles/gates feature fire alarm integration.

When the fire alarm is activated, the turnstile will unlock (this applies to fail secure and fail safe models).

To enable fire integration, a dedicated Fire Interface Board (FIB) unit is wired directly into each fire input on the control board of each unit.

Electromechanical turnstile

Emergency Release
Unlock in two directions
Power voltage
Throughput rate, 12/min
Fail Safe


The UKT – 56 is a motorised glass access gate that is commonly used alongside our full range of
turnstiles. Its modern appearance and ergonomic design make it possible to fit the unit in any office
reception lobby, gym or school environment. It is ideal for any place whenever there is a need to
ensure an even distribution of people in a controlled manner.
This access gate provides ample access with its different glass panel sizes and is ideal for disable
users in wheelchairs or mobile scooters. The stainless-steel housing provides a high-quality durable
aesthetic look along with the highly visible LED indicators located on the main column which help to
guide users.

  • Electric motor driven
  • Polished stainless-steel column
  • 90° of opening from centre in both directions
  • LED indication lighting
  • Free passage on power failure
  • Automatic “Emergency exit” function
  • Push button remote control panel included
  • Fail safe on power failure (see website for details)
  • Compatible with all types of electronic access control systems
  • Passage width is measured from the inside post to outside edge of gate


Description Value Unit of Measurement
Dimensions –
Passage width 600mm
Passage width 800mm
Passage width 1000mm
Passage width 1200mm
Total Size –
mm (HxDxW)
Weight 60 kg
Temperature range +1 ~ +40 °С
Relative Humidity 80 %
Throughput 20 persons / min
Power Supply 24 V
Maximum Current During Operation 5 Amps
Maximum Current in Standby Mode 3 Amps


Swing gate UKT-56-600 Motorised Swing gate, stainless steel, width 600 mm
Swing gate UKT-56-800 Motorised Swing gate, stainless steel, width 800 mm
Swing gate UKT-56-1000 Motorised Swing gate, stainless steel, width 1000 mm
Swing gate UKT-56-1200 Motorised Swing gate, stainless steel, width 1200 mm


Drawing UKT-56  



Coloring barriers (wide range of colors) as an option painted elements of the turnstile

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