Tripod UKT-10

What is Fail Safe Or Fail Secure


The UKT-10 Tripod model is a slimline unit which features a horizontal round centrally mounted
LED green/red indicator and LED green/red indicators at each end. It has options for either CCTV
cameras or facial readers with one or two mounting points.

This model can be used externally under cover as it has an IP rating of IPX4. It has an active
passage width of 550mm making this product suitable for a wide range of environments where
single or multiple lane access is required.

The unit has an emergency release mechanism that allows the rotas to drop away for unrestricted
access; this can also be linked to a fire alarm system.

Key Product Features:

  • Slimline design
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Rotas made from polished stainless steel
  • LED red/green indication panels
  • Concealed floor mounted design
  • Sound and light prompts and adjustable volume
  • Fail safe on power failure (see website for details)
  • Suitable for external use (resistant to water splashes from any direction)
  • 9 passing modes, including passing with identity verification, no passing, & free passing


Description Value Measurement unit
Dimensions – Operational State
– Folded Arms
mm (HxWxD)
mm (HxWxD)
Weight 60 Kg
Temperature Range 25 ~ +70 °C
Relative Humidity 80 %
Passage Width 565 -595 mm
Throughput 20 ~ 40 Persons / min
Electrical Input 24 V
Maximum Current in Standby Mode 6.5 Amps


Denomination Model Image
No Mounting Points
Single Mounting Point
Mounting Point
Blank End Unit
* – available as an option



Drawing UKT-10  

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